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Graphic design is a profession applied art and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives. Graphic design is an interdisciplinary branch of design[1] and of the fine arts. Its practice involves creativity, innovation and lateral thinking using manual or digital tools, where it is usual to use text and graphics to communicate visually.

The role of the graphic designer in the communication process is that of encoder or interpreter of the message. They work on the interpretation, ordering, and presentation of visual messages. Usually, graphic design uses the aesthetics of typography and the compositional arrangement of the text, ornamentation, and imagery to convey ideas, feelings, and attitudes beyond what language alone expreses. The design work can be based on a customer’s demand, a demand that ends up being established linguistically, either orally or in writing, that is, that graphic design transforms a linguistic message into a graphic manifestation.

Graphics Designing Proccess

Step1 : The Client Brief

Any successful project begins with quality communication – to get things flowing, we must first discuss your full range of goals for the project at hand. During this stage, you can expect us to work closely with you to clearly define the objectives that you have in mind. We will discover what your expectations and desired outcomes are and what benefit our design work can provide for you.

As we work with you, we will need to determine the desired budget, time-line, and visual style that you have in mind. Our work represents our passion – a project needs to do much more than just look pretty. It must also fully satisfy the practical and material goals which will make it truly successful and memorable.

Step 2: Design & Development

This is the exciting part where the project truly comes to life! Our team will take the predetermined road map of goals and begin fleshing out your design wish-list. You will be able to see the progress of the graphics and designs as it takes shape and provide reviews.

With project management techniques that are efficient and goal-oriented, we will work with you until the design is exactly what it needs to be, in a timely manner. You will be kept up-to-date on a regular basis as significant progress is made. At various intervals, we will ask you to look over certain designs and suggest changes according to your preferences. Once everyone is pleased with the results, the final designs will launch and become a reality across all desired media.

Step 3: Style & Consistency

We place a great deal of emphasis on brand identity – we believe that this approach leads to excellent results, ensuring that your brand has the clear vision it needs to keep it strong today and on into the future. Graphic design plays a key role in brand strategy. Having brand-focused design, created by BDS, guarantees that the style of the design work will be consistent with the values of your brand.

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